Sketchbook Challenge- Day 1

I’ve begun another challenge- this time a Sketchbook Challenge.

Seems I like to start a new challenge when I’m life is getting busy, as if I won’t have time to show up to the blank page or canvas swept along by life. The challenge brings me to the page for practice, practice for practice’s sake, and experimentation, unencumbered by making a “piece”. Always muscles are stretched and strengthened, always there is growth, always there are discoveries, and always it is a challenge to show up each day with life doing life.

I have to admit I'm a bit nervous, the last challenge was both a blessing and came at a really sad time for my family- I missed a day or two, but the practice served to hold me during that time when I was at a bit of a loss, as practices tend to do.

This challenge will be in my sketchbook. I will be practicing various sketching & drawing, watercolours & goauche, typography & text and I'll be playing with various mediums and combinations to see what I like. I'm curious to see all the ways I can show up in my sketchbook to explore what catches my attention. And so I begin in Wonder.

Let’s see how this one unfolds and where it leads me.

I'll be posting videos daily over on here on my Youtube channel & will be back at the end of the week with an update on how I'm going.

Join me if you like. Xx


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