Reflections on the Sketchbook Challenge- first 10 days

Sketchbook Challenge- Water colour Tea Cups

When I start these challenges I wonder about my sanity- committing to add something else to my already overflowing plate. Yet there is this way that the challenges push me to do a daily practice which I can not maintain daily except for these short stints. And with daily practice come growth, just a little, bit by bit growth, but it adds up; I don't see it daily but at the end of the 30 days there's a small body of work that stretched the muscles, found new ways and explored the edges.

Practice- The mere act of the challenge provides an opportunity to practice the craft. With practice comes more confidence and with confidence comes a boldness and a looseness that frees your work- sometimes you have to go tight in order to find loose.

Expansion- Showing up everyday to the challenge means that eventually you get bored or exhausted of your usual go tos and you end up trying something new, experimenting, pushing the edges of your comfort and routine.

Discernment- The daily practice allows you to try new things, new ways, new mediums and tools, new mark making, new combinations and so on. It provides as opportunity to learn what you like and what you don't like, what works with your style and what works with your voice.

Sketchbook Challenge, ink work, art journal
Days 3, 4, 7 & 2

What I'm noticing so far:
  • One line may look wobbly and imperfect or a mess but add it in with a whole slue of other messy lines and you have something - keep going.
  • Sketching slows you down.
  • The camera rolling wants me to rush and I have to consciously slow down and bring myself present to the practice.
  • Sketching brings attention, makes you look closer, makes you notice things.
  • I like the balance of the "careful" line work dancing with the freedom of the watercolours.
  • I'm getting to know my favourite pen and brush.
  • I like mixing pens and mediums.
  • I'm excited to see what's next.
  • I'm curious to try a different journal with a different paper next time ( one that takes the watercolour better).
  • Watercolour tests my patience but also offers a chance to hit the mat.

Videos for each day can be found over on my Youtube channel here.

Sketchbook Challenge, drawing painting sketching
Days 5, 8/9, & 6


  1. how lovely to reflect on the first 10 days. I am touched by the gifts this practice offers. Thank you for sharing your treasures out in the wide world web. You're very inspiring Galia. x … ps. and the fonts. LOVE THE FONTS. sigh. xx

    1. Thank you love, haha, the fonts, so many fonts so little time ;) Xx

  2. I'm so enjoying this challenge! Beautiful imagery, and I'm savoring the videos. It's especially inspiring because I'm gearing up for a challenge of my own in May.

    1. Thank you Laura, wishing you much joy and expansion on your own challenge. Gxx


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