We Stand With You

This morning I posted these two images, the Emperor & Lustrous Gem (below), both fresh off my easel in this tumultuous week, with the words:
I stand for you and in doing so I stand for me,  for we are one splintered into a million and none can be saved if all are not.
I offer you my hand for it holds my heart, I offer you my dreams in the folds of petals, fragile and full of beauty and hope.

When I saw Pixie Lighthorse's "We stand for you"  #artistsforlove image and call I knew that my emperor warrior, sacred masculine, protector of the forest, of life, of love, wanted to stand for all, including water, #waterislife. In her words:

"Artists For Love is on a mission to create a big wave of solidarity, sending a message of hope and healing to those who are feeling alone, afraid, ostracized, carrying fear about their bodies, health benefits, access to clean water, and their place in this country’s economy.
I believe that there are few things more powerful than a group of love-minded people who have decided to use their platforms collectively to create a strong statement of unwavering indivisibility, what Lincoln referred to as “preserving the Union”. Those of us who may have had an easier time enjoying our rights must step up our game to protect those who are struggling to establish and hold on to theirs. Though many of us have very different concerns and priorities, and may not understand where the other is coming from, we can take the opportunity to honor one another as humans." Pixie Lighthorse

If you wish to print a copy you can find it here (by following the hashtag #artistsforlove you will find many others to choose from) and following Pixie's lead, I will post a collection on my blog so email (info at galiaalena dot com) me any creations you make yourself if you would like me to share them (including your name and details).
Galia Alena, Manipura- Stardust & Fallen Petals


  1. Oh, Your the artist of The Emperor! I saw this on FB from another artist who shared your painting. Agree with the message & love this piece!!!


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