Super Full mOOn in Taurus

{Pick a Card- Super Full mOOn Reading} Hello loves, I hadn’t planned on doing another one of these collective readings this year but, well, things don’t always go to plan.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Rumi got it wrong, the wounds are not how the light gets in, the wounds are how our light gets out, you are already filled with light, so much light, time to let it shine out. 

When the name Stardust and Fallen Petals came to me it was a working title, I didn’t really understand the meaning at the time but I now see how we are all fallen petals who have forgotten that we are made of star light. Some of us are feeling as fragile as fallen petals right now and are scrambling to reconnect to our light. So many of us are wounded and grieving and not sure how to move forward- some of us will rage and anger loudly tearing down, others will be the soft balm that invites across bridges, some will be the flame lighting a plethora of flames that they never go out, others will tend to their own inner shadow work, healing themselves, some of us will heal others-all of it rippling outward. All of it is needed, all of it is right, all of it. If you are not sure what now or how to move forward, if you are not sure how to steady yourself then this is for you.

Take a deep breath, find your center and see which card is calling you (name it in the comments, name whatever else you need to name or know). These readings will be full of love and a blessing for our collective well being, they will be a guide to your own knowing and to help you steady your footing. In love always Xx

You can find the cards and the audio to the reading here 

13 Moons Readings for 2017 are now available here. Moving through the year with an awareness of the moon cycles is a beautiful way to connect with divine feminine energy and honour your path. It also a beautiful way to connect in with the energy of each moon cycle and the seasons. These readings will look at each moon for the year, drawing two cards for each moon cycle to sit in dialogue with each other and with the energy around that moon. Together they will offer insight to guide you throughout that lunar cycle.


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