Art is Magic presents the Creative Retreat

Art is Magic's Creative Retreat

I've been busy, the last few months, working away at birthing this new offering- Art is Magic's Creative Retreat. Pop over and take a look, there is an stellar line up of artists offering lessons, many that I've been dying to learn from and much inspiration. Come and join us.

Galia Alena sketchbook page

Meanwhile, working in my sketchbook, for the challenge I did, kept my hand moving and creating while I worked away at designing a new website and collaborating with all these amazing artists.

I'm still loving working in my sketchbook. Its been a gentle and calming reprieve from my beloved art journals. There's this way that the process is ever so meditative, a moving meditation, that stills the mind and brings me present.

Galia Alena sketchbook page

My lines are still shaky and uncertain, but I don't care. I'm watching how I place one shaky line down after another and soon I have an image- a quaint image of snippets of my life and full of humanity, the humanity of the uncertain hand that makes them and makes them anyway. The human touch- there's something so magical in that, the beauty of imperfection, of personality and familiarity.

Galia Alena Tarot Journal

Today I'm laying out a fresh palette of paint (almost as good as fresh sheets right?) and starting a new painting for Stardust & Fallen Petals. I had thought I was finished with them but there was an energetic block and finally I've worked out what it is- they are not done with me so on to painting a few more starting with a revisit of the Lovers inspired by my Tarot Journal page.


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