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I have a dear friend (yes you know who you are Xx), who is traveling to Paris later in the month for a few days of exploring on her own, so I thought I would create a little treasure hunt of sorts for her.  1. Take the Batobus , take it during the day to get around and at night with the city gloriously lit up. Last time I was there the Seine was flooded and I missed being able to see Paris from this beautiful view, not to mention the wonderful convenience of being able to get around this way- the metro is fabulous but the view from the Seine is better. 2. Make a blessing at Notre Dame for her to be restored to her full glory. I had the pleasure of seeing her dusted under a veil of white magic not long before tragedy visited her. 3. Fromboise Fromboise Fromboise If the raspberries are in season eat copious amounts of them- eat them fresh while you walk through the markets at Bastille or Marché d'Aligre (where you can find a particularly good pear tart- buy two and e

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