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Painting Loose & Free

Part of my my creative practice is trying to stay loose and free in my work. It is a backwards and forwards dance- too loose and it can feel messy and unrefined, too tight and it lacks energy and dynamics. When I heard that the theme for Paint Your Heart & Soul 19 is painting loose I was stoked- I LOVE teaching what I'm learning, teaching what inspires and engages me in my own practice.

For  the first lesson we'll be doing some exercises to loosen up by interrupting our creative process and expanding our creative vocabulary. In the second lesson we'll be taking the ideas and inspirations that resulted in the first exercise to the canvas to create a piece that builds upon what we learnt- I can't wait to see where this takes us.

And that's just my two lessons- there are lessons from so many other teachers offering all sorts of lessons in this year long workshop. Take a look HERE

I'm giving away one place in Paint Your Heart & Soul

 Competion now closed-…

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