Fractured Portraits- 21 Secrets

I'm teaching for 21 Secrets, Woo hoo
This session of 21 Secrets is designed around tools and techniques and when Connie asked me to contribute a lesson based around my photographic work it pushed me out of that comfort zone... to the magic.

Pointing the camera at myself is not easy, yet every now and then it is a demon I have to face, and with facing it  comes a new layer of healing as I strive to clear away old stories. This page did that for me. I believe that art journaling is one way of to find myself, Meeting Myself on the Page and this page of Fractured Portraits was not exception. There is magic in this process, and I really love the results, (which is  a side benefit and not the aim in my art journaling practice).
21 Secrets has 21 artists all offering up a wonderful lesson on art journaling technique as well as an opportunity to Meet Yourself on the Page. Come and see... I'm really excited about getting to be a student with the other 20 teachers!!

And there's an Early Bird Special when you use the code "springsecrets" (but only until the 19th).


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