The Goddess Council

All women are a reflection, a mirror of the Goddess. Remember, you are the Universe figuring itself out. R Rumi

I'm so excited to be announcing the Pantheon of Goddess for 2017- there was so much magic created with the Goddess Circle this year as we dove into the gifts of Kuan Yin, Persephone & Lakshmi, and I know the Goddesses who stepped forward to work with us next year bring some deep and power magic.
Are you curious?? Pop over and have a look, I'm so curious to see how they will speak to you.

Last week I put a call out on Facebook wondering what you might call a gathering of Goddess other than a Pantheon and I got so many gorgeous responses, here are just a few:

A Glory of Goddess
A Murder of Goddesses (like crows)
An Embrace of Goddesses
A Devotion of Goddesses,
A Cascade of Goddesses,
A Vivacity of Goddesses,
A Universe of of Goddesses,
A Wildness of Goddesses,
An Elevation of of Goddesses,
A Splendor of Goddesses
A Reverence of Goddesses,
A Celebration of Goddesses,
An Exaltation of Goddesses,
An Honor of Goddesses,
A Brilliance of Goddesses,
& of course, Home, Tribe and Women

I love an Exaltation of Goddess, which one resonates with you?

And the Pantheon for 2017:

Saraswati- She who Flows- Inspiration, Truth & Wisdom
Cerridwen- Witch Goddess- Keeper of the Cauldron
Kali- Fierce liberating force of Divine Grace
Artemis- Wild goddess of the hunt and the Moon

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