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Circling with Bhuvaneshwari- Galia Alena

I have a gift for you, a warm invitation, a free offering: Circling with Bhuvaneshwari. I know so many women are wondering what Circling with the Goddess is all about, and its hard to explain the magic that takes place in the circle when we invoke the Goddess, when we invite her to walk with us, to guide us, to bestow her gifts upon us, to embody her, to acknowledge the divine feminine within each of us. Its equally hard to explain the energetic created and magnified by gathering in circle with other women, each holding the others in their highest potential and beauty, each witnessing and holding space for the collective. And who better to guide us through this than Bhuvaneshwari,  Great Mother, Cosmic Yoni, Space Holder, Creatrix of all.

"You are not just a drop in the ocean, you are the mighty ocean in the drop.”

Do you feel the truth in that? This is Bhuvaneshwari's truth, or one of the many paradoxical truths she holds, great holder that she is.

When I was working with Lakshmi I could sense Bhuvaneshwari stepping forward to work with us next, so imagine my surprise when I was checking in to meet the Pantheon of Goddess for 2017 to discover she wasn't one of them. I was sure she would be next, but Saraswati, Cerridwen, Kali and Artemis were very clear that they would be the Pantheon for 2017 and who am I to argue with the will of the Goddess. A couple of weeks later Bhuvaneshwari made it clear that she wanted to hold space for all the women who were curious about what these Goddess Circles were all about. Seems perfect that the Goddess of Space Holding, of all possibilities, of all creation would step forward to play with us in this way. I'm so excited for this circle, not many know this powerful deity but I feel her wrapping her arms around us already. Are you ready to lean into her embrace?

"She's... the eternal mother energy who spins the universe out of her own body the way a spider spins a web- and then lives in it."
Sally Kempton

I would love for you to join us, remember it is a free offering, just pop over here to register. Of course I would also love to see you in the Goddess Council so if you are feeling called there too, please join us, its going to be fabulous.


Svadhistana - Galia Alena


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