Soulful Faces- An Invitation

Soulful Faces- #30faces30daysprompts #soulfulfaces Galia Alena

How do you keep creating, keep moving your hands, keep showing up to the blank canvas when life is busy and demanding?

Two things that work for me- a challenge (publicly declared) and collaboration, playmates to make it fun, spur you on and inspire.
And this fits the bill on both of those. Annie Hamman and I have teamed up to do a 30 Faces in 30 Days Challenge, with prompts to make it fun and interesting & we'd love it if you would like to join us. The more the merrier. Already this challenge is gaining momentum, I can feel the energy around it forming as many have already committed to joining us. Woot Hoot.

The Rules  Guidelines

Create- paint, draw, journal a face a day as inspired by the prompts above.

☆ If a face a day is too much for you, don't let that stop you, do what feels right for you- we'd love you to play along in whatever way feels right to you.

Share to Facebook &/or Instagram with the hashtags #30faces30daysprompts & #soulfulfaces

Invite your friends to join us- the more the merrier

☆ Check out what others are doing by following the hashtags

Support each other (comment and share the love)

Be kind to yourself (think of this as building muscles rather than producing "art"- process is just as delicious as outcome) & let that gremlin know that he is not driving

 ☆ There is no "right" way to do this- make it your practice


 ☆ Because a creative practice is just that- a practice

☆ Because there is magic built when we do a little bit each day

☆ Because there is power & energy in the collective creating together

☆ Because edges need to be gently stretched

☆ Because your gremlins will find a zillion reasons why you shouldn't create but we do it anyway

☆ Because it will nurture your soul

☆ Because LIFE

Below you can see the faces I created last time I challenged myself to a face a page (more here)- I can't believe I am doing it again so soon!!

Each day I will post on Instagram and Facebook for the prompt done (you can find them with the hashtag) and once a week I will do a weekly wrap up here on my blog.

I can't wait to see if you'll join us Xx

Soulful Faces- #30faces30daysprompts #soulfulfaces Galia Alena
If you are looking for more direction and inspiration for your practice then 21 Secrets starts in less than a week (link in side bar).


  1. looks like fun I don't do the hash tag stuff but maybe will be on FB?

    1. We are sharing both on Facebook and Instagram, the hashtags are so we can all find each other but you are welcome to play along without the hashtags if you wish :)

  2. Galia,
    I am excited for this challenge. Terrified as well! I really want to get better at faces, and I know this will push the envelope for me. Love this! Let's F A C E it together! ~ Vikki

    1. Me too Vikki, can't wait to see what you create Xx


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