Redon- 12 Artists 12 Days {Day 2}

" The artist yields often to the stimuli of materials that will transmit his spirit." Odilon Redon
Love love love the vibrant and yet dreamy colours of Odilon Redon's pastel work:
Girl with corn poppies Odilon Redon
Girl with corn poppies
Two young girls amoung flowers Odilon Redon
Two Young Girls Among Flowers
Ophelia Odilon Redon
Odilon Redon Ophelia (c. 1900-05) 
 "My drawings inspire and are not to be defined. They determine nothing. They place us, as does music, in the ambiguous world of the undetermined. They are a kind of metaphor." Odilon Redon
You an find his complete works here:


  1. Oh,oh,oh!!! Such a treat Galia. His works are fascinating, and I agree, his pastel work is especially vibrant. I just purchased "450 Color Paintings of Odilon Redon - French Symbolist Painter Printmaker Draughtsman and Pastellist (April 20, 1840 - July 6, 1916) [Kindle Edition" for a mere $2.99. Looks like he was obsessed with severed heads in the 1870's... Interesting body of work. Thanks again for introducing yet another artist I was not familiar with. Love your blog!!!

    1. I just love his work, glad to introduce him to you Kathy. Wishing that that came in an old school paper book but there doesn't seem to be anything available at the moment of all his work.

    2. Soooo beautiful! Love both of the artists you have shared so far! This one reminds me a bit of Chagall.

  2. I think I may have died and gone to heaven - this work is absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing it here - never had heard of him before.

    1. That's exactly how I felt when I first saw his work, it so so beautiful.
      It's my pleasure and you are most welcome.


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