Kristin Vestgard- 12 Artists 12 Days {Day 3}

Welcome to the ever so soft and ethereal world of Kristin Vestgard whose work is stepped in homage to our ancestors:
The Paper Mulberry Kristin Vestgard
The Paper Mulberry
Family Kristin Vestgard
For all my Grandmothers Kristin Vestgard
For All my Grandmothers

Kristin Vestgard‎


  1. Love Kristin Vestgard, and love that you introduced me to yet another amazing artist. Love that her work pays homage to our ancestors. Beautiful!!!

  2. Oh this is amazing, thank you so much for introducing this artist to me! I'm off to her website now (by the way the link doesn't work, you need to remove the "/" at the end) thanks again!!

  3. Wow! So!


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