I want to say YES to:

More art, writing, painting, reading.
More connections with friends both near and far.
More days sitting in the breeze with only my thoughts
and the constant chatter of the waves.
More health- both healthful food and movement.
More footprints in the sand.
More dancing, singing, more music.
More creative play, chance and mistakes.
More opening up my heart and mind while opening up the world.
More snowflakes gently kissing my cheeks.
More laughter, both mine and others.
More conscious choice with precious time.
More listening to the muses and dancing in their light.
More moments that beacon me present.
More lightness of being…


  1. I love all your YES affirmations...they are inspiring!!!

  2. Oh this is lovely. I so agree, I wish for more of these types of things too in my life!

    From a fellow unraveller!



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