Who Am I?

Who am I? If I listen really quietly will something come? Who am I? Does this question really have an answer?
Who am I? I am GB. What I is GB? GB is J’s partner, a fun loving, playful partner.
Who am I? I am Lulu and Angel’s mother. I snuggle with them in the quiet dark peaceful moments and rally them in the busy daily chaos.
Who am I? I am friend, both loyal and fierce.
Who am I? I am a photographer. I get paid to take photos. 
I get paid to make images.
Who am I? I am a photographer. I express myself and mould my world through photography. I shape the world to my inner vision.
Who am I? I am an artist. I express, I play, I experiment, I paint my life and I tread softly, sometimes boldly, off the well worn path. I make my own path stumbling, hesitantly yet bravely, through the bracken of the world.
Who am I? I am an explorer. I explore the world and myself, I explore both the new and the known.
Who am I? I am a creator. I create my world, my house, my family, my life. I create images and stories and other things that inspire my whims.
Who am I? I am woman. I walk around with the knowledge ghosts of those before me, who suffered in silence or who suffered out loud but were not heard but still managed to love. I honor them by being heard. I honor them with my gratitude and enjoyment of life.
Who am I? I am a dancer, I dance through my dreams and sometimes I dance when I’m awake.
Who am I? I am a dreamer. I dream with my eyes wide open, I dream with my eyes turned inward and turned outward. I dream with my words and thoughts, I dream with my images.
Who am I? I am the here and now. I am the pen that glides across this page. I am the moment.
Who am I? I am the past. I am my past, I am others pasts all converging to bring me here and now.
Who am I? I am the future. I am my future, I am their future. I create the future. I chose the future.
Who am I? I am quiet, I am loud. I sing, I dance, I cry. I cry tears of joy, I cry tears of sadness, I cry tears of anguish, I cry tears of pure bliss. Sometimes I can’t see through the tears.
Who am I? I am possibilities. I am the possibility of my dreams, of my choices, of my future.
Who am I? I am struggles, I struggle against the boundaries of identity, of who I am, of who I should be. I struggle with the weight of possibility, of choice.
Who am I? I am a traveller.  I am the journey. I travel down the road to me.


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