Sacred Arts- Mixed Media Dialogues with the Divine Feminine

Sacred Arts- Mixed Media Dialogues with the Divine Feminine 13 mOOns- a year of In*Spiration

Each time I show up to the blank page or canvas it is to listen. Sometimes I come with an enquiry, sometimes I come just to see what wants to be heard, either way a dialogue unfolds and it is through this dialogue that I create art, that I commune with spirit, that I meet myself. Without this dialogue, this backwards and forwards dance of listening and responding, my art practice lack meaning and my life wouldn't be so rich. There is no separation between my life, my spiritual practice and my art practice, all are entwined in this beautiful conversation when I stay open to all the questions and all of the whisperings. My art practice is a liberating act that allows me to access my deeper wisdom and knowing- my bone wisdom.

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  1. I've painted for 16 years but only just started to paint in art journals (discovered in the wonderful Fonda Clark Haight's class "The Down Deep" . Really looking forward to this class!!

  2. Hi everyone!
    So happy to be here!��


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