Shadow Gardener

Galia Alena mixed media art Shadow Gardener
Shadow Gardener
Shadow gardener
picking seeds off the bones,
out of the darkness
what precious fruits
she will conjure

Shadow gardener
diving past mask’s reflection
through turbid depths filled
fertile with life’s shunned
unpolished gems

Gentle hands
healing through attention,
disregarded treasures
rise with flamed wings
to guide even Persephone

Shadow Gardner
rises through the veils
by the wings of her
gifted prize
no gold coins needed

She who gardens the shadows
stands tallest in the light

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  1. Wonderful painting! And poem. I also like your rumi words at the top of your blog. Hope you will take the time to come over and visit my blog I am tryiing to get back to blogging on a regular basis again. hope to see you over there!

    1. Hi, yes regular blogging is hard, I (hopefully) only blog when I have something to share ;), no regular schedule here. I've popped over to your blog, fab tribal women :)


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